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  3. Listen for understanding.
  4. Learn new perspectives.
  5. Lead by example.

Better World Citizens. Better World.

How the WCG

helped our organization

“The WCG as a stand-alone resource is outstanding. It digs deeper into the different elements of global business travel and etiquette – lessons all organizations expanding globally can benefit from. What we enjoyed the most about was how Adrienne made this resource come to life. She highlighted the main points of each section, shared real-life stories, and entertained probing questions to ensure the WCG made sense to the audience. Both the content of the WCG and Adrienne’s delivery were very well received all the way up to the highest levels of the organization’s leadership.”

– Sam Santiago, National Manager
Diversity and Inclusion American Heart Association

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In this incredibly delicate phase of world history and politics, it is essential that each of us become ambassadors for our country. We have provided you with some of what you need to know so you can be a great world traveler.

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