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Better World Citizens.

Better World

We are Americans and we are also Global Citizens.  We believe that with that comes a responsibility to care about the world.  To deepen our awareness, understanding, and learning about the world.  And take that awareness and understanding and bring it into our everyday lives by relentlessly seeking new ways to more thoughtfully and purposefully listen to and engage with the world.

COVID has forced us all to reset and appreciate our global connectedness as never before.  Now we get to choose how we show up in the world on the other side of this global pandemic.  What have we learned about ourselves, each other, and how we want to engage with humanity after all of this?

Be Better Humans.  Be Global.

Because if you don’t,

who will?


Starting a

new conversation

Our conversations in the US have shifted away from being concerned about what the world thinks of us and about rising anti-American sentiment, (the initial environment within which the original WCG was born) and moved into a deeper nationalistic and bombastic strain that many find alarming.

We need a new conversation. We believe we need you in the conversation. Our young citizens. Millennials and those generations coming up behind them. We need your voice, your energy, your global wisdom and connectivity. And mostly. Mostly, we need your passion.

Generations of US citizens are not prepared or empowered to compete and engage effectively with the world. They don’t have the basic tools and resources to guide global awareness. Learning about and understanding the world wasn’t the same as it is for you. We plan to change that.

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Are you a world citizen?

Come join our community of citizens who are ready to take a stand, to embrace culture in the broadest sense possible.

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Mobile app

coming soon!

With the mobile app platform the digital WCG will put essential global tools and resources into everyone’s hand, or into their ear buds. Our US citizens can begin cultivating a global mindset and developing a global skillset that can nurture and build for the rest of their lives. And if we’re lucky for the rest of the planet.

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