Are you packed yet?

This is not a site about travel guides as you know them. It's not about where to eat, shop or find the best new club in town. There are plenty of other sites and books for that. The World Citizens Guides were put together for you by people very much like yourself. And here's why.

In this incredibly delicate phase of world history and politics, it is essential that each of us become ambassadors for our country. There is anti-American sentiment out there, and we want to help you know why it exists and what you as a traveler can do to help change it. We have provided you with some of what you need to know so you can be a great world traveler. We realize that we've included some things that you may not like to hear or that you may disagree with, but take a look at our material, be patient and keep an open mind.

After gathering information and advice from over 200 worldwide sources, we've discovered that there's a lot to know before you get off that plane, boat or train. In fact, it was much more than we anticipated. We put all of that information and advice in the little World Citizens Guide book so you can learn from fellow world citizens just as we did. And we made an abbreviated one that summarizes everything into a few easy to remember suggestions.

We encourage you to find out more about the specific cultures you're about to immerse yourself in something that you can have a better adventure. On this site and in the guides, you'll find some tips and interesting facts, and you may even learn the beginning of a new language.

Happy travels to you all...


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